Green H2, A Division of Eason Industrial Engineering Co., Ltd
Located in Suzhou, China.
An engineering company with expertise in providing integrated solutions for environment protection (Flue gas treatment) industrial gas generating & treatment and storage related industries.
With a team of experienced experts and pioneers in gas industries.

Why Us ?

  • Over 20 years' experience in gas & energy industry engineering and plant based equipment supply.
  • Rich experience accumulated through successful project cases.
  • Professional team with expertise for oversea project management.
  • Project process control(Initiating-Planning-Excuting-Monitoring-Closing)
  • Project risk/time/cost/quality evaluation & control.
  • Project milestones control and report,etc…
  • Experienced experts in gas industries to learn and do customer demand analysis.
  • Provide one stop solution for customized gas and environmental protection equipment and service.
  • A safe supply chain collaboration is Eason’s long-term strategy.
  • We sale one-site qualified manufacturer's facilities(JDEC, APRIL, CIMC, MCPHY, SMDERI, etc…)
  • Our mission: think more for customer, and recommend right manufacturer & equipment.

Our Cooperated Partner

We are committed to customer satisfaction,because we are care.And our customer service is not a department.it's an attitude.

Technical Advantages

Several different technical invention patents have been awarded us for various fields and applications.