Suzhou Green Hydrogen Energy, abbreviated as "Green H2"
With its office and manufacturing facility located in Suzhou, China.
A Company Specialized in engineering, manufacturing and construction of Green Hydrogen Electrolyzer Stacks as well as whole packaged onsite hydrogen gas generating units.Enaged in providing integrated solutions for green hydrogen gas generating, boosting, storage and application.

Why Us ?

  • Over 20 years' experience in hydrogen gas & energy industry engineering and plant based equipment supply.
  • Rich experience accumulated through successful project cases.
  • Professional team with expertise for oversea project management.
  • Project process control(Initiating-Planning-Excuting-Monitoring-Closing)
  • Project risk/time/cost/quality evaluation & control.
  • Project milestones control and report,etc…
  • Experienced experts in hydrogen gas industries to learn and do customer demand analysis.
  • Provide one stop solution for customized green hydrogen generating, boosting, storage and applications.
  • A safe supply chain collaboration is Green H2’s long-term strategy.
  • We sale one-site qualified manufacturer's facilities
  • Our mission: think more for customer, and recommend right manufacturer & equipment.

Our Cooperated Partner

We are committed to customer satisfaction,because we are care.And our customer service is not a department.it's an attitude.

Technical Advantages

Several different technical invention patents have been awarded us for various fields and applications.